Anti-marking Solutions

Anti-marking Solutions

The alternatives for your transfer and delivery cylinders.

  • PrintGuardPlus® is an anti-marking jacket with a special, colour-resistant coating and elastic, compressible reverse side. Available for all common Heidelberger printing presses. These anti-marking jackets have been made to a very high level of manufacturing standards, thus greatly prolonging their lifespan.
  • PrintGuard Yellow™ is an anti-marking jacket with a colour-resistant coating for price-conscious customers. This PrintGuard is available with two different surface structures and for selected Heidelberger printing presses. 
  • Sheet products from PrintGuardPlus® are self-adhesive or non self-adhesive and also available for printing presses from other manufacturers
  • OrangeNets are anti-marking nets for use on base liners of different manufacturers.



Your advantages:

  • Constantly high printing quality: the special colour resistant silicon coating offers optimum anti-marking properties.
  • Longer lifespan: the unique elastic and compressible reverse side avoids dents in the PrintGuardPlus® anti-marking jacket from harmful materials.
  • Increased productivity: the quick, safe and easy self-installation noticeably reduces the machine downtime.
* with deep-pile delivery section
** with printing substrate extension / adjustable T1 cylinder
Use on …CylinderUnitOrder no.
HEIDELBERG GTO 52transfer cylinder1 pc.BVA00002
HEIDELBERG MOtransfer cylinder1 pc.BVA00004
HEIDELBERG SM 52transfer cylinder1 pc.BVA00009
HEIDELBERG SM 52delivery cylinder*1 pc.BVA00008
HEIDELBERG SM 52transfer cylinder**1 pc.BVA00032
HEIDELBERG SM 72transfer cylinder1 pc.BVA00010
HEIDELBERG SM 74transfer cylinder1 pc.BVA00012
HEIDELBERG SM 74delivery cylinder*1 pc.BVA00011
HEIDELBERG SM 102 (< 1995)transfer cylinder1 pc.BVA00005
HEIDELBERG SM 102 (> 1995)transfer cylinder1 pc.BVA00006
HEIDELBERG SM 102 (705 mm)delivery cylinder1 pc.BVB00005
HEIDELBERG SM 102 (762 mm)delivery cylinder1 pc.BVB00007
HEIDELBERG SX 102transfer cylinder1 pc.BVA00035

Further machine types available on demand.

Our PrintGuardPlus® were developed for the respective manufacturers' standard machines. We would be happy to check if it is possible to offer you a custom-format solution for your machine.



Price-performance winner

The aforementioned qualitative advantages paired with a much better price than OEM jackets, for example, make PrintGuardPlus® your perfect anti-marking solution. Potential savings on the purchase price of up to 50 % compared to OEM jackets are possible depending on the machine type.
(Savings of more than 10,000 euros as possible taking a current eight-colour printing press with perfector in the format 3B as an example.)

PrintGuard Yellow™ NEW


Your advantages:

  • High printing quality: the colour-resistant silicon coating offers very good anti-marking properties.
  • Increased productivity: the quick, safe and easy self-installation noticeably reduces the machine downtime. 
Use on …EditionUnitOrder no.
HEIDELBERG SM 102 R-L (> 1995)fine1 pc.BVA00100
HEIDELBERG SM 102 R-L (> 1995)rough1 pc.BVA00101
HEIDELBERG SM 74 Tfine1 pc.BVA00102
HEIDELBERG SM 74 Trough1 pc.BVA00103
HEIDELBERG SM 52 Tfine1 pc.BVA00104
HEIDELBERG SM 52 Trough1 pc.BVA00105

Sheet products from PrintGuardPlus®

Advantages are:

  • Consistently high print quality - the special ink-repellent silicone layer has excellent anti-marking properties.
  • Increased production – it is simple and quick for the customer to install, significantly reducing machine downtime.
  • Available in self-adhesive and non-adhesive anti-marking film form, cut to size by the customer; without compressible base layer.


descriptiondimensions (mm)unitOrder No.
PrintGuard F110S1054 × 7501 pc.AVB99034
PrintGuard F110S750 × 5271 pc.AVB99035
PrintGuard F110S527 × 3751 pc.AVB99036


descriptiondimensions (mm)unitOrder No.
PrintGuard F100S1054 × 7501 pc.AVB99037
PrintGuard F100S750 × 5271 pc.AVB99038
PrintGuard F100S527 × 3751 pc.AVB99039

Other formats on request.

OrangeNets anti-marking nets

DescriptionUnitOrder No.
OrangeNet Wavy 746 piecesBVC99001
OrangeNet Wavy 1026 piecesBVC99002

Technical Information


After initial use, printing ink will accumulate between the tiny glass beads of your PrintGuardPlus® solution. It may not look attractive but it does not present a problem. Despite this discolouration, PrintGuardPlus® will continue to be fully functional in the long term.

For best results, the jacket should be cleaned with rubber jacket cleaner diluted with water (ratio 1:1).  Do not allow the ink to dry out and avoid the use of sharp or abrasive implements or cleaning agents; a lint-free cloth or soft sponge is sufficient. This way you will be able to rely on the ink-repellent silicone for a long time to come.


Customer Testimonial

Issued by: Sebastian Laaser, Team Leader, Healthcare, Wolfen
Product: PrintGuardPlus Jacket SX 102T

PrintGuardPlus has a sturdy and easy-clean surface that hardly clogs up with ink and dirt. The antimarking jacket is ideal in printing.