CITO EasyFix self-adhesive profiles

CITO EasyFix technology – the Original.
Perfection, fast and simple

The perfection of your diemaking is our concern – so raise your productivity, reduce your costs and increase your work protection with CITO EasyFix.

CITO now presents EasyFix, the range of self-adhesive profiles that allow you to equip your cutting dies quickly and precisely. EasyFix was developed especially for diemaking, to withstand the loads that arise during the diecutting process.


  • ✓ Time saving due to easy, fast and precise attachment of the profiles
  • ✓ Superglue-free laser cuts
  • ✓ No damage to the cutting die surfaces
  • ✓ Quick and residue-free changing of the profiles if necessary
  • ✓ 100 % efficiency of rubber lining
  • ✓ Increase in work safety
  • ✓ Increased customer satisfaction

CITO Ejection Material with CITO EasyFix Fingerlift

CITO Ejection Material with self-adhesive EasyFix technology with Fingerlift.

Premium C-profiles

EasyFix FingerLift

The rubber profiles with CITO EasyFix Fingerlift can be easily recognized by the quality label on the packaging.

High-quality solid rubber profiles for corrugated board

The new profiles combine all the benefits of material properties, longevity and performance with the EasyFix technology. The self-adhesive EasyFix tape is now equipped with Fingerlift. 

This makes it even more user-friendly and efficient to apply

CITO Ejection Material with CITO EasyFix

The self-adhesive EasyFix version allows you to precisely position the ejection material on your cutting die, as well as residue-free removal of the rubbering. The surface of your cutting die remains undamaged. Use of activator sprays and super glues is avoided; this means improved safety in your company.





Save valuable time

Using EasyFix profiles means you no longer need to perform the complex activities involved in conventional adhesion and positioning. As a result, you save valuable time.

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Without damaging the cutting die

Your customers too can profit from the use of EasyFix profiles on the cutting die, because neither removal of the rubber lining nor changing blades result in the familiar damage to the cutting dies.

Rubber lining can be detached without leaving any residues

with EasyFix

with EasyFix

without EasyFix

without EasyFix

Blade can be changed without damaging the cutting die

with EasyFix

with EasyFix: Blade can be changed without damaging the cutting die

without EasyFix

without EasyFix

Liquid adhesives impair the operation of the rubber lining. The use of EasyFix profiles guarantees the flawless performance of your discharge materials. The absence of liquid adhesive also has a positive impact on work and environmental safety by protecting both your employees and the environment from the effects of solvent vapours.

Superglue-free laser cuts

When using CITO EasyFix, no interfering adhesive sticks on the rules and ejection materials. The rules can settle properly in the tool. The setting up is carried out reliably and quickly, no need for additional gluing work. CITO EasyFix technology – superglue-free laser cuts!

CITO EasyFix

CITO EasyFix

CITO EasyFix Fingerlift

It is worth reckoning with CITO EasyFix

Using EasyFix for rubber coating your cutting dies not only saves you time but also money. Despite the high material costs, CITO Easyfix pays for itself after only one metre.


Time required

without EasyFix
with EasyFix

Personnel costs

without EasyFix
with EasyFix

Material costs

without EasyFix
with EasyFix

Total costs

without EasyFix
with EasyFix

Your total savings with EasyFix: approx.

All information is given without engagement and is based on the guidelines of the European Diemakers Associations (ESU).

Customer Testimonials

CITO FAST Rubber EasyFix – remains in place even after thousands of diecut sheets have been processed

Hagl Stanztechnik e.K.Company: Hagl Stanztechnik e.K.
Created by: Guido Heidel, CEO

The FAST Rubber EasyFix profile has been part of our range since the summer; indeed it has meanwhile completely replaced conventional rubber profiles.

What marks this product out is its straightforward handling, which puts an end to cumbersome gluing with instant adhesive. It is even possible to briefly remove the profile during setup, for example if you need to grind a nick.

The EasyFix profile remains in place even after thousands of diecut sheets have been processed.

CITO Solid rubber profile D/5 EasyFix replaced all of the A/1 profiles

multistanzCompany: Multistanz
Created by: Ralf Carell

After an intensive test phase, we replaced all of the A/1 profiles with the D/5 profile EasyFix and are have been using it for three months now. One major advantage of the D/5 profile for us is the fact that it is only half as wide as the A/1 at the bottom. One consequence of this is a far better adjustment to the contours of the cutting rule. We can reduce the time for rubber lining the dies by 20 % thanks to this alone.

Another advantage is that the EasyFix profiles are self-adhesive, so the additional process of gluing the profiles with superglue is no longer necessary. By using the CITO EasyFix profiles, we have fewer hazardous materials in circulation and a possible correction of the profile is easy and fast to manage.

CITO Solid rubber profile D/5 EasyFix – EasyFix is an EasyWay

DS Smith Company: DS Smith Packaging Denmark A/S
Created by: Kim Lykke Nielsen, Packaging Division, Works Fredericia

As one of two internal DS Smith die makers, we are constantly looking for products which also have a health & safety profile. CITO has managed to secure this profile with the EasyFix concept.

As a die maker, it is of utmost importance that we protect our people from hazards arising from ordinary gluing products. This can be done in many different ways, but EasyFix is an EasyWay ☺

We have tested the different color coded D5 profiles with flat bed die cutting and the first results were:

  • No liner cracking on the corrugated board with the correct moisture.
  • Good results when creasing with the flute direction too.
  • EasyFix secured the rubber from falling off as good as ordinary self-adhesive rubber.
  • Extremely wear resistant compared to old type of black rubber.
  • Easy to use in production by the operators – it is just like “Plug and Play”.
  • The top surface of the die is not destroyed when rubber is removed. 
  • This is the case with ordinary glued rubber.

CITO Cushion Crease EasyFix – Rubber profiles with extremely simple application

DS SmithCompany: DS Smith Packaging Deutschland Stiftung & Co KG
Created by: Werner Sebastian, Packaging Division, Works Arnstadt

We are very satisfied with Cushion Crease EasyFix, because it is so quick and easy to apply. We were very pleasantly surprised by its strong adhesive force – it did not become detached, even during extended diecutting, and it maintained its adhered position.

For us, it has several advantages compared to applying rubber profiles using instant adhesive:

  • It takes far less time to remove the rubber profiles, since it is no longer necessary to scratch them off.
  • No damage is sustained by the wood in the cutting die, and it is no longer necessary to remove any old rubber or instant adhesive residues.
  • It is extremely fast and simple to apply new rubber profiles: simply cut to the desired length, remove the carrier foil, and press in place.
  • Another important advantage that should not be ignored is the safety benefit from no longer having instant adhesive sticking to machines and workers' hands.

Directions for use

To guarantee optimum adhesion of your EasyFix profiles, please observe the following instructions:

Surface condition

Before attaching the EasyFix profile, make sure that the surface of your cutting die is dry and free of any dust, oil, separating agent or other soiling.

Surface cleaning

Only clean and lint-free cloths should be used to clean the surface of the cutting die.

Attaching the EasyFix profile

Only clean and lint-free cloths should be used to clean the surface of the cutting die.

Avoid all skin contact with the adhesion surface as this may reduce the adhesive force. Clean the surfaces to be joined. Remove the protective film from the adhesive strip and position it on the surface. Press the EasyFix profile down firmly onto the surface. It is important to apply sufficient pressure to create a good contact between the profile and the cutting, as this is important for good profile bonding.

We would recommend using a mounting tool to ensure maximum adhesion of all profile sections on the cutting die.


EasyFix profiles can be stored for at least 12 months in the closed carton.


Instruction manual

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