CITOject F THE standard for ejection material

CITOject F

THE standard for rubber linings on flatbed cutting dies. CITOject F is a high-quality ejection material that has been specially developed for use on cutting dies and which meets the requirements of both of die manufacturers as well as of companies converting solid and corrugated board.

Field of application: flatbed diecutting / corrugated board, flatbed diecutting / solid board

CITOject F, CITOject V and FAST Rubber are the perfect combination for standard applications

Advantages of CITOject F:

  • Simple optical quality control through colour-coding
  • Reduction of cutting pressure in the machine
  • Fewer nicks and faster sheet transfer
  • UV and ageing-resistant material
  • EasyFix technology for exact positioning and residue-free removal of the ejection material  
    • Time-saving due to fast and simple attachment of profile
    • No damage to the cutting die
    • 100 % efficiency of the rubber lining
    • Increased work safety
  • Certified as safe for the production of folding boxes for food packaging
    • Conform with sections 3 and 17 of EC No. 1935/2004 for food contact materials
    • Production reliability combined with product safety

CITOject F certified for food packaging

By conforming to EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 for food contact materials, Articles 3 and 17, CITOject F is safe for the production of folding cartons for food packaging.

The self-adhesive EasyFix version allows you to precisely position the ejection material on your cutting die, as well as residue-free removal of the rubbering. The surface of your cutting die remains undamaged. Use of activator sprays and super glues is avoided; this means improved safety in your company.



Unit: plates

Note: Furthermore the indicated dimensions of length and width with plates can vary by ± 5 mm.

(L × W × H)
Order no.EasyFix
Order no.
CITOject F 15 SAND
CITOject F 15 SAND1000 × 600 × 7 mmBPC00607BPC01607
CITOject F 15 SAND1000 × 600 × 10 mmBPC00600BPC01600
CITOject F 15 SAND1000 × 600 × 11 mmBPC00601BPC01601
CITOject F 25 YELLOW1000 × 970 × 7 mmBPC00610BPC01610
CITOject F 25 YELLOW1000 × 970 × 8 mmBPC00612BPC01612
CITOject F 25 YELLOW1000 × 970 × 9.5 mmBPC00613BPC01613
CITOject F 25 YELLOW1000 × 970 × 10 mmBPC00614BPC01614
CITOject F 25 YELLOW1000 × 970 × 11 mmBPC00611BPC01611
CITOject F 35 GREEN990 × 860 × 7 mmBPC00620BPC01620
CITOject F 35 GREEN990 × 860 × 8 mmBPC00622BPC01622
CITOject F 35 GREEN990 × 860 × 9.5 mmBPC00623BPC01623
CITOject F 35 GREEN990 × 860 × 10 mmBPC00624BPC01624
CITOject F 35 GREEN990 × 860 × 11 mmBPC00621BPC01621
CITOject F 45 ORANGE990 × 780 × 7 mmBPC00630BPC01630
CITOject F 45 ORANGE990 × 780 × 9.5 mmBPC00633BPC01633
CITOject F 45 ORANGE990 × 780 × 10 mmBPC00634BPC01634 
CITOject F 45 ORANGE990 × 780 × 11 mmBPC00635BPC01635
CITOject F 55 BLUE
CITOject F 55 BLUE900 × 700 × 7 mmBPC00650BPC01650
CITOject F 55 BLUE900 × 700 × 10 mmBPC00652BPC01652


Other geometries

Geometrien Übersicht

Upon request, you can also order CITOject F in strips as well as in the following geometries:

  • straight cut
  • strips with separator
Gerader Schnitt
Gerader Schnitt

Customer Testimonials NEW

Outstanding results with CITOject F

Son N Naykpura Co.Company: Son N Naykpura Co.
Created by: Brijesh Naykpura, Managing Director

As we got to know about the new range of rubbers – CITOject F, we were eager to try it out on our rubber cutting machine and, after supplying it on die, to get feedback from our customers.

Customers are happy with this rubber, thanks to the reduced machine pressure during production, less makeready time and very smooth operation. 

The results were amazing, not only on BOBST, but also on other Indian automatic die cutters, as well as on HEIDELBERG cylinder cutting machines. One of the customers who has a HEIDELBERG cylinder machine was greatly relieved to be rid of a traditional problem, which he faced with other sponge rubbers.

Being associated with CITO since 1996, we have always recommended CITO products to our customers. CITO and its products have always been a successful partnership for us and our customers.

Cutting die with CITOject F
Cutting die with CITOject F
Cutting die with CITOject F
Cutting die with CITOject F
Cutting die with CITOject F
Cutting die with CITOject F
Cutting die with CITOject F
Cutting die with CITOject F

Test on Mastercut 2.1 with CITOject F 25 YELLOW – reduced cutting pressure

DS SmithCompany: DS Smith Packaging Grenaa
Created by: Kim Lykke Nielsen, Plant Manager, DS Smith Packaging DieCut Factory

Finally the test with CITOject F YELLOW in Grenaa was run and it was actually a great success.

They lowered the die cutting pressure from around 430 tons to around 313 tons only by change of rubber and because we got the machine into balance again.

So once again – thank you for your support – please spread the message ☺️

Makeready sheet before
Makeready sheet after
Cutting die without CITOject F
Cutting die with CITOject F

CITOject F: lower load on the machine with the same tool

kama GmbHCompany: KAMA GmbH
Created by: Jörg Dahnert, Application Engineer

As an application engineer at the Dresden-based machine manufacturers KAMA, I have been working in the field of diecutting and embossing for many years. We receive optimum support from CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH with all kinds of accessory materials that are used in converting with our diecutters and embossing machines.

Recently I was recommended the CITOject F rubbering. I carried out a number of tests with the hardnesses 35 and 45 Shore and am delighted by the workmanship and above all the performance. I recognized the uniform, elastic deformation in special samples. In my opinion, the big advantage lies in the fact that the diecutting force required per cm of cutting rule is around 10 % less.

This means a much lower load on the machine with the same tool (and same performance).

CITOject F: Rubber with no changes in hardness

terminic GmbHCompany: terminic GmbH
Created by: Tim Juschkat, Head of Punching Department

We became aware of your new product CITOject F through your newsletter and ordered and tested some samples straight away.

As one of Europe's leading producers of calendars, we at terminic make the highest demands on both ourselves and our products. Our monthly calendars are produced according to certified quality and sustainability so that we can always provide our customers with perfect advertising calendars and convincing printing results.

During our in-house tests, we discovered no variations in hardness at all, CITOject F is very well balanced here.

We were able to work with a much lower cutting pressure for our high-grade terminic 4-month calendar "Super 1 Quadro", which had a wonderfully positive effect on the cutting result. We were able to completely avoid any interfering dents.

We would gladly use this product again and our suppliers also reported on our very positive experiences.

Upgrade from conventional sponge rubber to new CITOject F

Buchner StanzformenCompany: Heinz Buchner GmbH
Created by: Pascal Hausladen, Managing Director

Due to the change from conventional sponge rubber to new CITOject F material we were able to significantly cut down the delivery time for our cutting dies – especially with time-critical orders – since the drying process after waterjet cutting is almost eliminated.

Moreover, deviation in hardness of the rubber due to air bubbles are a thing of the past for us as CITOject F is an absolutely homogeneous material.


Editorial Editorial
Certified materials for your cutting die – CITOject F