Diecutting technology seminars

CITO always on site in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala

In May 2019, CITO's Application Engineer, Justo Yúfera, together with our Central American partner, GEVISA Artes Gráficas, toured Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. He held seminars and training sessions on diecutting technology at various companies.

The participants received comprehensive knowledge and knowhow about the diecutting process. Starting with creasing technology, correct makeready over effective nick grinding up to the use of components and techniques for the optimum die. In particular, CITO’s application expert explained correct rubbering of the cutting die. With the appropriate components, production costs can be reduced significantly and effectiveness can be increased considerably. The participants were comprised of folding carton companies, display producers, corrugated board processors and print finishing companies.

Special thanks go to GEVISA Artes Gráficas, which organized the seminars. With GEVISA Artes Gráficas we have a committed and competent partner to market our CITO products in Central America. We thank Jürgen Kibler and his team for their fantastic commitment and look forward to further joint activities.

GEVISA Artes Gráficas
GEVISA Artes Gráficas