Sharp and Strong: A new brand of cutting rules: HS CITO FormLine® 27th June 2012

Sharp and Strong: A new brand of cutting rules: HS CITO FormLine®

HS CITO FormLine®: Made with high-end steel from Japan, processed with European technology and combined with German expertise. In May 2012, a partnership between Hung Shuh and CITO was forged; CITO became exclusive agent for the entire European market for this Taiwanese manufacturer of rules.

Our partner Hung Shuh has been a leading producer on the world market for many years. In the past, their products were largely marketed under a host of different names as OEM products and sold to and processed by leading European cutting die manufacturers. In addition to the production site in Taiwan, special rules for the HS CITO FormLine® brand are manufactured in Germany so that we can offer short delivery times and a first class service.

However, our partnership is not restricted just to marketing activities – indeed, CITO is working closely with Hung Shuh to develop new products and also in quality management. To be able to offer our customers a better service for the diemaking sector and to understand more clearly the needs of this industry, members of staff at CITO have received several months’ training at diemaking companies, following a “hands-on” principle. Our staff were employed in the day-to-day running of the production plant and so were given the opportunity to create for themselves a picture of the complex demands involved in diemaking.

The HS CITO FormLine® brand rules form a new and important component in the comprehensive CITO FormLine range. Alongside the HS cutting and creasing rules, we can also supply you with die ejection material, profiles, Pertinax, cutting plates, adhesives, centreline parts and many other related items.

We consider it our job to offer you the products that you require. At the same time, we take care to maintain a balance between quality and price, since we see ourselves as your “partner for success” and wish to support you in producing your dies as efficiently and as economically as possible, without compromising on the CITO quality.

Our FormLine centre of excellence is based in Vienna at CITO FormLine GmbH but you can, of course, also contact any of our other locations in Europe.

HS CITO Cutting Rules

HS CITO Creasing Rules

For further information and quotations, please contact:

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CITO-SYSTEM GmbH, Schwaig / Germany – Michael Schuster
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