Customer Testimonial: RSP System 2.0 with Direct Fit Flexible Die 27th March 2012

Customer Testimonial: RSP System 2.0 with Direct Fit Flexible Die

Company: pacemdruck oHG

Issued by: Michael Meistrik, Managing Director

We have been using the RSP System on our Heidelberg MO since 2009. In 2011 we also fitted RSP onto our SM 52.

Using the options which RSP offers – creasing, diecutting and perforating – we carry out some of our many converting jobs with forms and shapes that we set up ourselves but for others we use RSP flexible dies which can be adhered to the millimetre scale grid sheet.

It was the following criteria which persuaded us to purchase the new RSP base plate 2.0:

  • Firstly, the option to continue using our already archived RSP grid sheets
  • Secondly, the facility to fix RSP direct fit flexible dies directly onto the new base plate 2.0.

The new base plate 2.0 gives us even greater flexibility in meeting our customers’ wishes quickly and cost-effectively. By introducing RSP direct fit flexible dies we can choose to continue setting up jobs ourselves, or for complex jobs we can revert to CITO RSP direct fit flexible dies.

In the middle of March we manufactured an order using the RSP base plate 2.0 in combination with an RSP direct fit flexible die. Assembly was quick and easy, with the result that the approx 150,000 sheet print job ran smoothly. The overall outcome really impressed us.

The bottom line is: RSP System 2.0 – Better. Quicker. More reliable.