CITO Diamond Grinding Discs

Grinding discs with a grain of diamond dusting especially adjusted for the job. The metal body ensures greater strength and a service life 1.000 times longer that of traditional grinding discs. Result: considerably lower costs.

Due to the diametric stability of the discs uniform nicks are ground throughout the whole cutting die. Thus the risk of the sheet breaking in the machine is reduced.


 50 × 10 mm50 × 8 mm50 × 6 mm35 mm × 6:935 × 7 mm
 for devices
for devices CITO, SINTEC and NOR-GRAPHICfor devices
for devices
for devices
BT, Verco
and LKS
thicknessOrder No.Order No.Order No.Order No.Order No.
0.2 mm BID52000   
0.3 mmBID51001BID52001BID56001BID36002BID37001
0.4 mmBID51002BID52002BID56002 BID37002
0.5 mmBID51003BID52003BID56003 BID37003
0.6 mmBID51004BID52004BID56004BID36005BID37004
0.7 mmBID51011BID52005BID56005BID36006BID37005
0.8 mmBID51005BID52006BID56006 BID37006
0.9 mm BID52007BID56007BID36008 
1.0 mmBID51006BID52008BID56008 BID37008
1.2 mmBID51007BID52009BID56009 BID37009
1.5 mmBID51010BID52011BID56010 BID37010
2.0 mm BID52013 BID36013BID37012
2.5 mm BID52014BID56013BID36014BID37013

unit: 1 pc.