HS CITO creasing rules

HS CITO creasing rules

The quality of the creasing rules has become as important as the quality of cutting rules today. The packaging design is becoming more and more sophisticated. This is why the accuracy of the die cut is becoming more crucial.

In order to offer your customers this level of quality and service we offer premium creasing rules which are designed for precision use in combination with cutting rules; furthermore, with CITO’s renowned expertise in creasing systems, special attention has been paid to the creasing rules to ensure perfect compatability between CITO creasing systems and HS CITO creasing rules.


HS CITO creasing rules are differentiated by the following properties:

  • smooth surface of the crease top
  • no sharp edges in the transition to the profile 
  • smooth transition from profile to side area
  • maximum symmetry 
  • minimum height and thickness tolerances

HS CITO MasterCrease Color Coded

Excellent centricity and exact manufacturing technology for the highest demands on the perfect crease.

  • Most simple visual quality check
  • Correct rule height guaranteed for die maker
  • Higher process safety for end user
 HS CITO MasterCrease Color Coded
Height21.00 - 23.95 mm
Thickness2 pt. / 3 pt. / 4 pt.
Profile typesStandard profile

Types of profiles

CCR – standard profile

CCR – standard profile

Forms of delivery

HS CITO creasing rules are available in one metre lengths and coils.

Forms of delivery

Standard profile

thicknesscontents metre-lengthscontents coils
2 pt.100 m100 m
3 pt.70 m50 m
4 pt.50 m50 m

 Further sizes and versions available upon request