HS CITO Cutting Rules

HS CITO cutting rules offer you excellent value for money. All cutting rules in the HS CITO series are equipped with a hardened edge for premium cutting and longer life expectancy. HS CITO cutting rules have outstanding bendability; due to the deep decarburization of the body there are no cracks during the bending process.

HS CITO SuperBend

The well-balanced hardening technology can cope with even the smallest bending angle. The hardened edges allow excellent service life.

geschabte Schneide S

Drawn blade, standard

Standard version; features excellent bending characteristics and a precise line height

geschliffene Schneide GR

Ground blade GR

A sharper blade that produces clean and precise cut edges; suitable for thicker or tougher materials, e.g. plastics, rubber, laminates and coated materials; creates less cutting dust, lower friction reduces cutting pressure, excellent bending characteristics, rounded transition from blade to body.

 HS CITO SuperBend
Thickness2 pt / 3 pt / 4 pt
Body hardness350 HV
Edge hardness630 HV
Height22.30 – 50.00 mm
Type of cutting bevelsCB / CFB
Finish of cutting beveldrawn / ground
Cutting angle52° / 42°

HS CITO SwordCut

Precision-ground blade

The precision-ground blade and maximum dimensional accuracy reduce the cutting pressure, prevent the formation of angel hairs and cutting dust.

 HS CITO SwordCut 
Thickness2 Pt.3 Pt.
Body hardness380 HV350 HV
Edge hardness630 HV
Height23.80 mm
Type of cutting bevelCB / CFB
Finish of cutting bevelprecision ground
Cutting angle52° / 42°

Forms of delivery and packaging units

HS CITO cutting rules are available in coils.

Winding direction: Clockwise / Anti-Clockwise

ThicknessContents coils
2 pt100 m
3 pt50 m
4 pt50 m

Note: Our rule geometrics and standards comply with the standards of the European Diemakers Association (EDA).

Types of cutting bevels

CB – Center Bevel

Center Bevel

The most widely used cutting bevel for all common cardboard materials

CFB – Facette = Long Center Bevel

Center Facette Bevel
= Long Center Bevel

Applicable for hard and thicker materials, e. g. corrugated board, plastics, glass-fibre reinforced laminates, leather, cork, rubber, puzzles etc.

Types of cutting angle

cutting angle

HS CITO Cutting Rules are availablein the cutting angles 42° and 52° +2°/-0°.



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