CITO-SYSTEM GmbH awarded Authorised Economic Operator Status certificate 18th May 2012

CITO-SYSTEM GmbH awarded Authorised Economic Operator Status certificate

As a medium-sized company we, together with our colleagues, business partners and customers, are reaping more and more benefits from increasing globalisation.

We have customers all around the world who are satisfied with our products, which are largely manufactured in Diepersdorf near Nuremberg. At the same time, our German customers are benefiting from the growing international network of raw materials suppliers.

The increase in globalisation combined with a changed international security situation prompted the World Customs Organisation (WCO) to set up a worldwide framework of standards for advanced and effective risk management in customs administrations.

The European Union transposed these security policy aspects into European law in April 2005 with an amendment to the customs code (Council Regulation 648/2005).
The introduction of AEO status is one of the main building blocks in this security initiative.

An AEO-certified company has a special status - it has proven to be particularly reliable and trustworthy and it can therefore make use of special benefits and simplification within the customs clearance process.

AEO status also entitles the holder to facilitations in customs controls relating to security and safety and/or simplification in accordance with customs regulations.

It came as no surprise, then, that during an audit at our works on 28.03.2012 staff from the main customs office in Nuremberg paid special attention to physical security, the handling and protection of data and also to export control. In all these areas, the inspectors were fully satisfied with the measures we had taken, with the result that we were successful in gaining AEO status.

This certification has a tangible and positive outcome for our customers and business partners worldwide: it secures the continuous international supply chain from the supplier right through to the final user. It also guarantees that the goods that we manufacture for you with the “Made in Germany” seal of quality reach you as quickly, easily and securely as possible.

We at CITO-SYSTEM GmbH are particularly pleased to have attained the more comprehensive AEO F (Full) type of certificate right from the outset.

In future, our German and international customers will be seeing this additional seal of quality (as shown here) more frequently on our product and shipping packaging.