Children's football competition between learning facilities in Erlangen

The CITO company has been supporting an integrative learning facility in Erlangen-Bruck for several years now. So naturally, we were only too willing to contribute the jerseys for the annual football competition. The boys and girls took to their task with great zeal and were cheered on in their efforts by the other pupils. The competition as a whole played out with great fairness, even if there was the occasional accidental minor injury. It was also nice to see how the young players took care of their opponents whenever they was an inadvertent collision in the heat of the moment. The 'Lernstube Zeißstraße', which is supported by CITO, found the first game hard going, but they were still satisfied with the final score of 0:0. However, the second game witnessed the start of an unexpected series of victories that continued right up until the finale, and didn't end there, with the Lernstube Zeißstraße 2017 going on to win the competition!

Our managing director Jürgen Mariën and his wife Bianca made the most of the competition and were present throughout all the games.

'It was great to witness the kids' excitement. As the competition progressed, the squad in the yellow jerseys gelled into a real team and fully deserved their victory.'
Jürgen Mariën

As a reward, CITO spontaneously invited the victorious team to a fun park along with their cheerleaders – also the best in the competition.

Kinderfußballturnier 2017
Kinderfußballturnier 2017