CITO at the EDA TECHNOLOGY FORUM 23. September 2015

The TECHNOLOGY FORUM of the EDA (European Diemakers Association) was once again held on 18-19 September 2015 in Luxemburg. Naturally, CITO took the opportunity to present its latest developments. An acknowledged highlight of the event was CITO's ProcessLine product line. The equipment, designed to measure the die clearance of laser boards and the channel characteristics of creasing systems as well as for performing quality control of creasing in packaging, met with great interest among the international audience.

The newly launched self-adhesive ejector profiles also gained considerable approval from the visiting experts. The profiles have been tested in practice and it has been demonstrated that several million die cuts are possible without the profiles losing their positional accuracy. The self-adhesive profiles from CITO have been shown to save up to 70% of the time needed for rubberising flat-bed moulds. Moreover, self-adhesive profiles for rotational moulds were also on display in Luxemburg. The maximum time saving here is provided by the new Cushion Crease from CITO. These self-adhesive profiles even adhere permanently to half-shells, without the need for any additional steel-clip fixings. This not only saves valuable assembly time but also ensures optimum performance of rotational moulds in productive use. 

Last but not least, CITO also presented its entire range of HS CITO rules in Luxemburg. ProCut – the cutting rule for large production runs, SuperBend – designed especially for extreme bending requirements, SwordCut – the extra-fine-ground rule for special requirements, and MasterCrease – the creasing rule with the best performance for the creasing process.

“For me it was once again a great joy to see how our team responds to visitors' questions with such great enthusiasm and professional competence. This is the guarantee that we will continue in future to be perceived by our customers as competent partners.”

Jürgen Marien, managing director