CITO once again confirmed in the Bavarian Environment and Climate Pact

The Franconian company was already included in the Bavarian Environment and Climate Pact by the Bavarian State Government (“Umwelt- und Klimapakt Bayern”) in 2016. Membership of this group of sustainable companies was reconfirmed in February 2021. 

This pact includes companies that have voluntarily undertaken to reduce their CO2 emissions continuously and handle the resources of our planet carefully. CITO is EMAS certified and has set out appropriate environmental targets for itself.

Efforts in recent years were focussed on continuous reduction of energy consumption by using modern lamps, reducing the cost of air-conditioning despite considerably increasing outdoor temperatures, further improved use of the heated exhaust air of the production plants and the retreatment of cooling water.

In other projects, all processes were optimised with regard to their sustainability in order to use resources carefully here too. CO2 neutrality and sustainability are anchored as fixed components of the R&D policy. Naturally only “Green electricity” is used in the whole company; the additional costs are significantly offset by energy savings.

The CFO of the CITO GROUP, Thomas Gerner, explained at the handover of the certificate: 

“Especially in times of a pandemic, it is particularly important not to abandon the sustainability path we have taken. Since 2016, CITO has made great progress with regard to sustainability, but everyone knows that there is still plenty to do. The whole team continues to work on the main goal of CO2 neutral CITO products.”

CITO erneut im Umweltpakt Bayern bestätigt
Thomas Gerner, CFO, accepted the certificate
CITO erneut im Umweltpakt Bayern bestätigt

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