CITO CREASY – Don't guess it - measure it. 21. April 2015

CITO CREASY – Don't guess it - measure it.

In keeping with this motto, the CITO CREASY has been in use at the Druckerei Thieme Meißen GmbH printing company since October 2014.

After six months of use, the results are thoroughly positive. The customer is thrilled with the rapid quality control and dimensional accuracy that is possible when measuring using the CITO CREASY.

"We have been using the CITO CREASY since October 2014. We employ the measuring device directly on our die-cutting machine for quality control purposes. Thanks to the CITO CREASY, we are now able to check the creasing characteristics of our die-cut products. Using the integrated references, we can immediately detect any deviations and correct them. This allows us to avert complaints right in the production process. With the aid of the quality reports issued with the CITO CREASY, we are able to document our quality through all production runs, even for our customers."

Convince yourself of the benefits of our new measuring device. As you would expect from us, we not only supply you with the necessary hardware, but you also benefit from our technical support and know-how.

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