CITO LOCK - efficient and safe 14. November 2013

CITO LOCK - efficient and safe

Our automatic safety lock prevents damage to your valuable stripping tool during transport and storage.

CITO LOCK offers you the following advantages:

  • locking bolt made of 100 % break-proof material
  • prevents damage to your valuable stripping tools during transport
  • secure storage for tools
  • improved machine performance, less down time
  • convenient and safe handling
  • automatic safety lock
  • patented technology

CITO LOCK is an invention of the DieFutureGroup. 



The DieFutureGroup is a development group, whose task is to jointly develop new products and new technologies for cutting dies. We create a synergy between CITO’s powerful R&D department and the practical experience gained by leading European diemakers. You benefit from these innovations through better performance of your diecutting machine and easier handling during job setup.