CITO News - July 2017 Changes and additions


New content for CITOject F
New content has been added to the CITOject F product page:

Buchner Stanzformen Customer Feedback
Company: Heinz Buchner GmbH
Created by: Pascal Hausladen, Managing Director

New Polyurethane Hammers

See the Hammers product page for order numbers and details.


Product Information Sheet PrintGuard Anti-marking Solutions
You can now also download the PrintGuard Anti-marking Solutions product sheet from our website.
PrintGuard Anti-marking Solutions

New size of RSP Easy Base Blanket
RSP Easy Base Blanket is available in a new size: RYOBI/RMGT 920 DU (ARB03113).
See the RSP Easy Base Blanket product page for order numbers and details.

CITO GROUP & Agencies

The BoxLine, FormLine, PrintLine and ProcessLine product line is now available in Albania directly from CITO Italia Srl.