CITO Pertinax the tailor-made solution for Pertinax counters

CITO Pertinax

CITO Pertinax – opt for the complete package!

You have creasing jobs with long runs and repeat orders? Then we are the right choice for you: CITO is not only the competent solution provider for Creasing Matrix but also for Counterboard Material.

The CITO Pertinax system was especially developed for the production of high-quality Pertinax counters. The products are subjected to strict quality controls in our own R&D department to ensure reliable quality.

CITO Pertinax:

Two types of Pertinax plates:

  • CITO BROWN STANDARD: single fibreglass reinforced, for optimum results when working on the milling machine and when diecutting. 
  • CITO BROWN ULTRA: double fibreglass reinforced, for diecutting processes with very large runs.
  • The optimum lay-up enables the correct milling depth to be defined visually. A clean and white creasing channel is created by the milling.

CITO High-performance milling tools:

  • By using the milling tools, smooth and burr-free cutting edges are achieved in the Pertinax counters. In addition, the life of the tools is extended by up to 10-fold.

Adhesive tape in two qualities:

  • PRO adhesive tape can be removed from the cutting plate along with the counters without leaving any residues. 
  • BASIC adhesive tape is the standard application for Pertinax self-adhesion.

The CITO CounterControl measuring device completes the package: The optical, non-contact measuring system for monitoring the width and depth of the creasing channel ensures uniform measuring accuracy.

For the application and optimisation of your processes you can rely on the know-how of our experienced technicians. In the CITO demo centre, with its own milling machine, we perform tests and quality and parameter checks for you.

CITO Pertinax

Note: Cut-crease plates are also available for high runs and repeat jobs.