CITO DYNAMIC – The Next Generation 21st November 2011

CITO DYNAMIC – The Next Generation

CITO has been the leading expert for creasing matrices for over 100 years. And during all that time we have stayed true to our principles of vision, innovation and quality. Likewise, in developing our latest addition to the BoxLine range we have focused on the most recent advances in material science, plus our R&D team’s many years of experience, to solve the problem of delamination when using pressboard creasing systems.

Our R&D department has successfully developed a new material in-house as an alternative to pressboard: CITOTHAN. It is a compact, high-energy material which we create ourselves from constituent parts. It is more flexible than pressboard yet tougher, is very good to work with and is ideally suited to the creasing process.

Field tests have now been finalized and the reaction from our customers is totally positive. The new material is very similar in appearance to the existing pressboard but, due to the production process, the risk of delamination which can occur with pressboard is eliminated. With our world leading innovation CITO DYNAMIC – a next-generation creasing matrix – we offer a technically improved alternative to our products made from pressboard.

Take advantage of the following benefits with CITO DYNAMIC:

  • 100% material stability
  • higher production reliability
  • higher productivity through the improved geometry of the shoulders

The following sizes are already available: CITO DYNAMIC, CITO DYNAMIC CMR

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