**NEW** CITO Protector 11. September 2013

**NEW** CITO Protector

Transporting your cutting die, or putting it into or removing it from storage can sometimes cause damage to the corners. This requires reworking to your cutting tool – and that extra work adds to make-ready time and cost.

Our CITO Protector will protect your cutting die from this type of damage. It also serves as a seal of quality, because whenever you see a CITO logo on a cutting die, you can be sure that CITO technology has been applied.

Our corner protector is manufactured from 100 % break-proof material – this is what sets our product apart from others on the market.

By using the CITO Protector, you will significantly reduce your make-ready time on the press, and also minimise the risk of injury to staff.

Benefit fully from the advantages of the CITO Protector:

  • 100 % break-proof material
  • no damage to corners of cutting dies
  • make-ready times on the press are considerably reduced as no reworking is necessary
  • reduced risk of injury to staff
  • a mark of quality for the application of CITO technology to the cutting die

CITO Protector is available in three die board thicknesses: 12 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm.

Note: Design your own customised Protector – using your logo and colour.
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