CITOCLYN Flexographic cleaner now with suitable accessories

CITO consistently acts with focus on its customers. We concentrate on the daily requirements of our customers in order to always offer the right solution. Thus, the CITOCLYN cleaning series was expanded to include high-quality and efficient Pressure Sprayers and other useful Accessories. This will make cleaning your flexographic printing machine even easier, more productive and more convenient in the future.

CITOCLYN Pressure Sprayers

For efficient and effective spraying and application of cleaning agents. The CITOCLYN pressure sprayers are available as mobile sprayers and hand-held sprayers.

The mobile pressure sprayers are made of stainless steel and are operated with compressed air. The compressed air produces uniform and efficient wetting of printing plates and anilox rolls. The hand-held sprayers are ideal for applying small quantities.

Stainless steel spraying lances have been included in the product range for ergonomic and safe handling.

CITOCLYN Accessories

Other accessories for CITOCLYN Cleaning Agents, such as pump sets and spill trays, are also available now.

CITOCLYN Pressure Sprayers CITOCLYN Accessories