CITO ULTIMATE The creasing matrix for top-quality corrugated board products

Rely on our high-performance creasing matrix CITO ULTIMATE for the processing of corrugated board and micro flute.

The flexible coating on a sturdy base ensures constantly high and uniform crease quality – a decisive advantage when it comes to converting corrugated board. The extremely sharp outer edges prevent optical impairments of the surface.

We have developed the following special versions for this application:

  • CITO ULTIMATE IK – inside chamfering reduces tensile stress, preventing cracking of the surface of the material
  • CITO ULTIMATE RYU – special double crease without a center piece for premium 180º folding
  • CITO ULTIMATE /2 and /3 – with transfer profiles especially for use on 4 – 6 pt (1.42 – 2.10 mm) and 8 pt (2.84 – 3.00 mm) creasing rules

For consistently excellent crease quality, longest runs, repeat jobs or archiving in combination with cutting plates. With ISEGA certificate.

CITO – Your partner for corrugated board conversion!