Customer Feedback: CITOCLYN Uni Plus Flexographic printing cleaner

CITOCLYN Uni Plus – we are very satisfied with the cleaning result and also save substantial time and costs

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We use CITOCLYN Uni Plus to clean anilox rollers and printing plates. We are very satisfied with the cleaning result.

We use a cleaner mix ratio of 1:8 for automatic rinsing of the anilox rollers and were thus able to extend the cleaning interval for intensive cleaning of the anilox roller (laser cleaning) from 3 to 4.5 months. The resulting cost and time savings are substantial.

The cleaner, in combination with the pressure sprayer, also produced convincing results when used for manual cleaning of the printing plates. The printing plate is sprayed sparingly with a cleaner and water mix ratio of 1:10 and is simply rinsed off with water after a short exposure time. The cleaning is non-contact and we need neither a brush nor a sponge. This protects the expensive printing plates. This is a major advantage, especially for printing plates with screens, and we also save 30 – 40 % time in the manual cleaning.

Jörg Erhardt, Works manager, and Jörg Gundler, Flexographic printing team leader, Mondi Bad Rappenau GmbH,


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