CITO Antimarking Plate

Customer request meets CITO development competence

What comes out of it? You can be curious about the result. Because shortly it will come onto the market: the product of the successful cooperation with the machine manufacturer Koenig & Bauer. Inspired by a customer's special requirement, a new and unique antimarking product is created.

Look forward to the new CITO Antimarking Plate for the Rapida 106 coater!

If you print without paint in your Rapida 106 coater, then you certainly know the challenge of getting the sheet through the coater without any marks. The new CITO Antimarking Plate is particularly flexible and extremely stable due to its multilayer structure. What does this mean for you? Easy handling and the possibility of multiple installation and removal. Kinks, dents and deformations are foreign words here.

In short: an innovative solution that enables you to produce more economically and efficiently, achieve excellent quality and save costs.