Customer Testimonial CITO Solid rubber profile D/5 EasyFix

Customer Testimonial

CITO Solid rubber profile D/5 EasyFix – EasyFix is an EasyWay

DS SmithCompany: DS Smith Packaging Denmark A/S
Created by: Kim Lykke Nielsen, Packaging Division, Works Fredericia

As one of two internal DS Smith die makers, we are constantly looking for products which also have a health & safety profile. CITO has managed to secure this profile with the EasyFix concept.

As a die maker, it is of utmost importance that we protect our people from hazards arising from ordinary gluing products. This can be done in many different ways, but EasyFix is an EasyWay ☺

We have tested the different color coded D5 profiles with flat bed die cutting and the first results were:

  • No liner cracking on the corrugated board with the correct moisture.
  • Good results when creasing with the flute direction too.
  • EasyFix secured the rubber from falling off as good as ordinary self-adhesive rubber.
  • Extremely wear resistant compared to old type of black rubber.
  • Easy to use in production by the operators – it is just like “Plug and Play”.
  • The top surface of the die is not destroyed when rubber is removed. 
  • This is the case with ordinary glued rubber.

CITO Solid rubber profile D/5 EasyFix
CITO Solid rubber profile D/5