DieFutureGroup 16. April 2014


The DieFutureGroup (DFG) recently met for the 7th time. The joint meetings have already resulted in a few new products for cutting die production.

At the moment, development work is focussing on two main topics: increasing efficiency in the rubbering of both flat and rotation dies and reducing the weight of cutting dies. The use of modern water jet technology has already significantly improved the efficiency of the general rubbering of flatbed dies. Here, we recommend cutting the pre-coated rubber plates without the protective paper since this optimises and shortens the rubbering process. However, the use of profiled rubber still presents a challenge to handling and should be further optimised. At the suggestion of the DFG new profiles are currently being developed at CITO. Larger machine formats also require larger cutting dies, which is why the weight of the cutting die is becoming more and more important. Here, the DFG is looking to achieve optimisation by using new materials which both save on weight and provide further technical improvements.

Alongside these two projects, a new product group named CITO ProcessLine is currently being built up. A series of new measuring devices is being offered here. In future it will be possible to carry out precise measurement of the cutting gap geometry of a laser cut and quality checks on creasing channels and creasing profiles. These new measuring technologies will benefit both cutting die manufacturers and users.

Further information on these subjects will be published in the next few weeks.