Efficient solutions for your corrugated jobs – CITO Ejection Material

Opt for our know-how and our innovation competence to produce your jobs successfully. A comprehensive and high-quality range of ejection materials and rubber profiles have been especially developed for the conversion of corrugated board.

  • CITO Ejection System – the efficient power trio with CITO Polytop, CITOject F and CITOject V. The complete system is the ideal ejection material for the most sophisticated applications and maximum machine speeds.
  • CITO D/5 Top and CITO D/5 – the efficient solid rubber profiles prevent the upper cover liner from cracking and improve the cutting result.
  • CITO Cushion Crease and CITO C/3 – the reliable creasing profiles support compression of the corrugated board and optimise the folding behaviour along the corrugations.
  • CITO Cushion Crease Plus – the additional creasing profile is especially used for the processing of double and triple flute paper.

For high standards, optimum machine performance and outstanding results.
With CITO EasyFix Technology and colour-coding.

CITO – Your partner for corrugated board conversion!

CITO Ejection Material for flatbed / corrugated board