CITO at Odyssey Expo from 10 to 12 May, 2023 in Milwaukee, USA

CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH and its partner Carton Craft Supply, Inc. showcased its consumables and solutions for converters and diemakers to perfectly meet the current and future requirements. The products cover the complete process of diecutting starting from creasing, diecutting to stripping and blanking.

Show highlights included:

CITO Ejection Material

Ejection Material – like CITO Polytop, CITOject F and solid rubber profiles

Creasing Matrix

Creasing Systems – like CITO ULTIMATE, CITO BASICplus and makeready material 

Blanking ***NEW***

Components for stripping and blanking – like Grid‑Tape™ and CITO SPIDER PRESSER 

In addition to the presentation on the joint both CITO and Carton Craft Supply, Inc. lectured on creasing and diecutting solutions, concepts and best practices at the Odyssey’s Classroom Sessions.

  • “The Ideal Creasing Matrix” was the joint presentation of the technical team of Jerome Wojciechowski and Gabriel Delgadillo from Carton Craft Supply, Inc. and Markus Baldauf from CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH. Attendees learnt more about quality criteria and choosing correct creasing parameters for best creasing results.
  • Andrew Powell, the CITO GROUPs specialist on rotary diecutting, shared best practices for achieving higher performance and efficiency in his Classroom Session “Troubleshooting for Rotary Dies”.
  • In his Classroom Session “Solutions for Corrugated Rubbering” Markus Baldauf outlined different solutions to cut down makeready times, optimise workflow and increase quality.
  • In "Differences between Standard and High Performance Folding Carton Dies” CITO's application expert provided detailed information on quality levels. Participants discovered areas of application and important components of quality flatbed cutting dies.