Family-Friendly Charter 14. August 2013

Family-Friendly Charter

In July 2013, 30 companies from the district of Nuremberg signed this charter, thereby declaring their intent to create company personnel policies which are family-friendly. This charter is also upheld by various local communities and non-profit associations in the district.

We were delighted that our company was chosen to share and demonstrate our experience of family-friendliness within a company. During his speech, our shareholder and Managing Director Jürgen Marien gave special mention to the role of young women in companies of the future. These highly dedicated young employees are becoming better-qualified all the time and have a key function in many businesses.

In order to bring harmony to family life combined with a career, we, as employers, are also asked to follow new and creative paths. Family commitment doesn’t end when the children are grown-up; it is an unbreakable bond for life. Companies must take this into account if they want to position themselves for the future by capitalising on all their well-qualified staff. To us, it is natural for CITO-SYSTEM GmbH to be amongst the first in the Nuremberg district to sign this charter.