RSP Inline Finishing Flexible and efficient all round!

As a printing company you face many challenges: Cost optimisation, productivity increase and energy saving play a large role in the success of a business. This is precisely where we come in with RSP, and to create a clear competitive advantage for you.

By integrating our inline finishing concepts, the efficient RSP System 2.0 and the cost-effective RSP Easy, you optimise your production processes and lower your costs at the same time. You can complete multiple work steps – such as creasing, diecutting, kisscutting and perforating – in one go without an additional machine or personnel.

The additional benefit of RSP: You also save time and energy. Have you ever considered that thanks to inline finishing in 3b format, you can save 900 to 1,000 kWh for a job with a print run of 250,000 sheets compared to offline production in a flatbed diecutter? Definitely a benefit, given the high cost of energy.

The result: Considerable cost reductions, higher production capacities, more efficient processes – and excellent print finishing quality, which will impress your customers.

With RSP, you can produce highly diverse applications and orders in job printing. Our technology is designed for time saving and flexibility, so that you can concentrate on what is important – the satisfaction of your customers.

RSP Inline Finishing