CITO products now also for flexographic printing! Great news!

CITOCLYN – flexographic printing cleaner

The latest CITOCLYN product development includes a range of high-quality cleaning agents for flexographic printing. With CITOCLYN, machine downtimes can be reduced while using less cleaning agent at the same time.

In the next few weeks we will be introducing the CITOCLYN product line in greater detail. We are starting now with the all-rounder, CITOCLYN Uni Eco.

CITOCLYN Uni Eco is a fast acting detergent for manual and automatic printing plate cleaning, machine cleaning as well as parts washing systems. CITOCLYN Uni Eco is suitable for daily cleaning of the anilox rollers and printing plates in your flexographic printing machine. The grids are kept clean to ensure that a uniform ink density is achieved.

The advantages:

  • Outstanding cleaning effect – lower consumption with full cleaning power
  • Maximum occupational and environmental protection – CITOCLYN Uni Eco is not subject to mandatory hazard labelling under CLP
  • Faster cleaning result – washing time reduced by up to 20 %

CITOCLYN Uni Eco – flexographic printing cleaner in CITO quality! See for yourself!

Of course you rely on top quality, first-class service and comprehensive know-how, also in the new product range. That’s what the CITO brand stands for!