India on a wave of success

Another successful appearance of CGSASP Private Limited at the IndiaCorr Expo

The IndiaCorr Expo, which took place in Mumbai from 04 – 06/10/2018, is one of the leading trade fairs for the corrugated packaging industry in India. CGSASP Private Limited, the CITO agency in India, with whom we have had an excellent and amicable relationship for many years, can look back on a successful show.

The numerous national and international visitors displayed great interest in the CITO products. The main focus– in line with the IndiaCorr Expo motto – was on CITO creasing equipment and ejection materials such as CITOject F, which were especially developed for converting corrugated board. The event was the ideal platform for CGSASP Private Limited to introduce the product range to a broad expert audience and further expand its presence on the Indian market.

For many years, CGSASP Private Limited has been distributing the CITO product range with a great deal of commitment and success. To do so, it relies on regular trade show appearances, outstanding full service and extensive advertising. It is a pleasure for us to work with such partners. Many thanks to our friends at CGSASP Private Limited.

CGSASP Private Limited at IndiaCorr Expo
CGSASP Private Limited at IndiaCorr Expo