ITRACO meeting in Saint Petersburg

Successful combination of interesting experiences and inspiring exchange of information

On 8 February 2019, the ITRACO meeting was held in Saint Petersburg. ITRACO International Trading + Consulting GmbH invited twelve of its most important suppliers, all in the graphic industry, to attend. Mr Kellermann, CITO’s sales and R&D manager, also had the honour and pleasure to take part in the event. It was held to mark the 30th anniversary of ITRACO International Consulting + Trading GmbH. ITRACO staged a unique event to celebrate this special occasion.


The programme was a successful mix of information and entertainment. The participants were given a deeper insight into the Russian market. The informative part was supplemented by interesting talks given by the suppliers and ITRACO employees. In addition, a visit to ITRACO’s subsidiary in Saint Petersburg was organized, where the guests were given a tour of the office and storage facilities. During the event, there was plenty of opportunity to exchange experiences with the host and other participants.


The supporting programme offered the guests the finest in cultural and culinary art. So they were able to enjoy the country’s typical cuisine and folklore dance performances. The cultural highlight was the visit to the State Hermitage Museum as well as a bus tour of Saint Petersburg.


The meeting has a long tradition and also encourages exchange between ITRACO’s suppliers. Oliver Kellermann said:

“Many thanks to our partner ITRACO for the invitation and the great organisation of wonderful, interesting days in Saint Petersburg. We not only received an insight into the industry in Russia, but were also introduced to the country’s terrific culture. A great event!”