Jürgen Mariën appointed to Germany’s “Senat der Wirtschaft”

The CEO of the CITO GROUP, Jürgen Mariën, has been appointed to Germany’s “Senat der Wirtschaft” (Senate of Economy)

The Senate of Economy is made up of leading figures of industry, science and society, who are particularly aware of the responsibility to the state and society. They jointly contribute to practical implementation of sustainability objectives in the interests of an eco-social market economy for the common good.

The Senate of Economy thus revives the traditional idea of the senate in antiquity. A balanced circle of independently minded friends were guided by the public good, and not only their own particular interests.

The Senate of Economy is purely for the common good and maintains continuous dialogue with politicians and scientists. The Honorary Senators Jean-Claude Juncker, Prof. Günther Verheugen, Prof. Klaus Töpfer, Prof. Jürgen Rüttgers and Rosi Gollmann, alongside many other experts, are interesting initiators.

The ethical principles of the Senate’s community of shared values can also be the basis and guidelines for the economic actions of the members of the Senate. Fairness and partnership in day-to-day business life as well as the social skills of entrepreneurs and managers shape the work of the Senate.