Known Consignor – security and safety through to destination 23. January 2013

Known Consignor – security and safety through to destination

On 8 January 2013, CITO was successfully certified as a Known Consignor by the LBA (German Federal Aviation Office). In accordance with an EU regulation, this status allows goods to be transported by air without having to undergo certain checking procedures. From 25 March 2013, only shipments sent by Known Consignors will be authorised quickly and ‘securely’ for airfreight.

Shipments from non-certified companies must be subject to checks such as X-ray screening in order to be classed as secure. This results in longer shipping time due to delays at the airport and therefore increased shipping costs.

Holding this certification is a boost to CITO’s competitiveness because after the temporary regulation expires on 25 March 2013, it is estimated that only 13 % of all shipments delivered for airfreight will be classed as secure. Of the approx. 45,000 German companies affected, only about 3 % have set about gaining certification which involves expense and staff costs. It is an investment from which our customers the world over will benefit and it makes CITO one of the pioneers of German industry.