Merci et au revoir

Long-standing employee of the French agency Euracier celebrated his retirement

After 29 years with our French agency Euracier, Jean-Paul Berthier has taken his well-deserved retirement: the perfect opportunity for a felicitous farewell party on 17 and 18 November 2017. So it was no wonder that both his colleagues and superior at Euracier as well as friends and partners from the packaging industry gladly accepted his invitation to his home city of Lyon. The party was held in a festive setting on 17 November 2017 and this wonderful event was brought to a close the next day with a sightseeing tour through the picturesque city of Lyon.

We would like to sincerely thank Jean-Paul Berthier for the exceedingly good and friendly cooperation over the past 21 years. Thanks to his dedication and know-how, Jean-Paul Berthier helped to establish CITO products successfully on the French market within the scope of his activities at Euracier. We look back with pleasure on joint trade fairs, events and visits to customers!

Merci beaucoup!