NEW! CITO D/5 Peak Rubber profile for corrugated board

A new addition to the CITO D/5 profile product range

CITO D/5 Peak was especially developed for cutting rules, perforation rules and cut-crease combinations.

The rubber profile's pointed geometry ensures a narrow contact surface. The result: flawless surface appearance, avoiding annoying dents.

These product characteristics are also convincing:

  • The profile is made of a resistant and durable material developed by us and produced in-house. This makes consistent quality and small tolerances a certainty.
  • The colour-coding enables clear identification of the respective function. This ensures safe and convenient use and avoids mix-ups.
  • CITO D/5 Peak is equipped with the original CITO EasyFix technology. This adhesive technology allows fast, easy and precise application of the profiles. The makeready is much quicker. The cutting rules do not stick and the cutting die remains intact. By dispensing with superglue, you protect your employees from harmful solvent vapours.

For perfectly shaped perforations in corrugated board, improved machine performance, higher output and better product quality!

CITO D/5 Peak