New Premises for CITO UK Ltd. 10. October 2013

New Premises for CITO UK Ltd.

On 1st July 2013 CITO UK Ltd. moved into their new building on Wimsey Way in Alfreton, Derbyshire. The move to these significantly larger business premises was the inevitable outcome of an ongoing success story over recent years. In 1993, the original UK Company was taken over by the CITO GROUP and today it is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the German firm CITO-SYSTEM GmbH. At the time of joining the German parent company, their business premises were located in Poole, Dorset; however, after a short period of time, the main office was relocated to Alfreton in the Midlands. It was from this site on the Acre Ridge Industrial Estate that CITO UK supplied to the British packaging, diecutting and printing industry for 20 years.

New Premises for CITO UK Ltd.

By November 1996 the warehouse capacity had become inadequate, so a second unit was acquired, which doubled the storage area. Two new business sectors have been added in the last few years – PrintLine and FormLine – and CITO UK now has a strong customer base in the UK and Ireland for these products as well. As part of the CITO GROUP, which extends from the UK right across to Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, CITO UK has greatly expanded its international activities. Around 235 million people live in this economic zone, which is almost half of all EU citizens. With its market becoming so much larger, CITO UK naturally found it necessary to create more space. The new building has a storage area of 10,000 square foot and with a roof height of 19 foot, it offers plenty of options for further expansion. The new building has created many more opportunities for improving logistics; this is particularly necessary because of the growth in business from 1 mm cutting plates and HS CITO cutting rules.

Another product line that has undergone continual expansion over recent years is the range of CITO creasing systems. There are five distinct product groups – PRO, DYNAMIC, STANDARD, BASIC and PLAST – which combine to make CITO the world market leader in this field and this of course also applies to the UK market. The following statement from Jürgen Marien, owner/shareholder of the European CITO GROUP, indicates continuing success for the future: “I have had the pleasure of working successfully alongside my UK colleagues for over 20 years now. The UK is the most significant member of the CITO GROUP outside of Germany. I believe in the long-term potential of the UK market and that’s why I was happy to invest in Alfreton, thereby creating an opportunity for further growth at that site.”

The new building will provide the same top quality products and service at competitive prices which has become synonymous with the CITO name. The CITO GROUP of companies sets benchmarks worldwide, against which it monitors its own standards on a daily basis. John Bray, General Manager of CITO UK Ltd, gives this assurance: “We owe our success entirely to our customers, so we will continue to work on being your partner for success.” To fulfil this task, the UK staff can draw on the innovative strength of the entire CITO GROUP.

This European-based family of companies regards itself as a builder of bridges between the printing/packaging industry and the die-makers. New products for the benefit of the industry as a whole are constantly under development and the aim here is to again outgrow the new production facilities and create new jobs in Alfreton.