"CITO for the wave" – our new rubber profile D/5 5. February 2015

"CITO for the wave" – our new rubber profile D/5

Specially developed for processing corrugated board, we want to help you manufacture optically perfect final products to a constantly high quality in future with our new rubber profile D/5 and further optimise the performance during processing.

Through the use of D/5 the corrugated board is compressed before cutting during the diecutting process. The inner liner (wave) thus lies flat between the outer covers to produce a clean cut edge.

The colour-coded profiles are ideal for use on perforating and cutting lines as well as for cutting-creasing combinations.

 The advantages at a glance:

  • Thanks to its special geometry, the rubber profile D/5 allows a clean and exact cut edge on the corrugated board during processing.
  • Cracking of the upper cover liner becomes a thing of the past with the new rubber profile D/5.