For outstanding performance: CITO Ejection System

Opt for the new CITO Ejection System especially developed for cutting dies!

In the portfolio of high-quality ejection material you will always find the right answer for every application and every requirement.

CITO Polytop

  • High Performance Ejection Material
  • Optimum conversion of solid and corrugated board jobs for flatbed and rotation
  • Extremely long runs, maximum machine speed and outstanding results

CITOject F

  • The standard for rubbering flatbed cutting dies
  • Efficient conversion of solid and corrugated board on flatbed diecutters
  • Long tool lives, constant machine performance and excellent results

CITOject V

  • The optimum addition to CITOject F
  • Ideal for slot areas, long service life

CITO Ejection Material is convincing: Simply unparalleled!

For further information on CITO Polytop – CITOject F – CITOject V.