CITO Pertinax – the system 16. April 2014

CITO Pertinax – the system

Creasing is our world

Our world has revolved around creasing for more than 50 years, so make the most of our experience!

CITO Pertinax – the system. A material that is uniquely tailored to the application. A new adhesive tape that allows residue-free removal of the matrices from the cutting plate. Milling tools developed by CITO that guarantee a significant improvement in quality which extends the life of the tools by up to 10 times.

We provide you as a matter of course with the application expertise to optimise your processes.

CITO Pertinax – offering you the following advantages:

  • material uniquely tailored to the application
  • new adhesive tape for residue-free removal of the matrices from the cutting plate
  • significant improvement in quality due to milling tools developed by CITO
  • longer life of the tools by up to 10 times

CITO Pertinax is an invention of the DieFutureGroup.



The DieFutureGroup is a development group, whose task is to jointly develop new products and new technologies for cutting dies. We create a synergy between CITO’s powerful R&D department and the practical experience gained by leading European diemakers. You benefit from these innovations through better performance of your diecutting machine and easier handling during job setup.