CITO News 15. December 2015

The Presidents of the European Diemakers Association “ESU” guests of CITO

Last week we welcomed the 1st Chairman of the ESU Mr. Marco Siepi (owner of Tecnolaser S.r.l.) and the President of the ESU EDA Italy Mr. Franco Giambattista (owner of Fustart S.r.l.) to CITO. Together with our Italian colleagues Armando Caimi (CITO Italia S.r.l. and Sintec S.r.l.) and Marco Colombo (Sintec S.r.l.), we had the opportunity to present the competence and innovative strength of CITO and swap ideas and experiences.

We would like to thank the gentlemen for their visit and are looking forward to a joint cooperation and the expansion of our close relationships as partners in Italy.