CITO PROplus Product Launch, May 2012 30th April 2012

CITO PROplus Product Launch, May 2012

When we introduced our CITO DYNAMIC creasing matrix at the end of last year we were already entering a new dimension in creasing systems. Following on from this comes our premium product CITO PROplus. Its base material is also made from CITOTHAN which – for the first time in the history of creasing – has been specially developed for this application. Based on its composition, CITOTHAN guarantees greater production reliability and also greater productivity with its improved shoulder geometry. With this new base material the well-known problem of delamination with pressboard is eliminated.
Uniform shoulder widths guarantee the best possible adhesive strength and CITOTHAN is also very easy to trim with a knife.

The CITO PROplus series is recognised by experts as the leading product worldwide. One reason for this is the level of diversification it offers on the market – CITO PROplus offers the broadest selection with over 600 sizes including special grades and special types, all available straight from the warehouse and of the highest “Made in Germany” quality.
Within this premium product series you will find the best solution for all applications and materials – whether for virgin fibre or recycled material, paper or cartonboard, laminated micro flute or corrugated board; fully printed, UV coated or foil laminated.

Take advantage of the following benefits when you use CITO PROplus:

  • 100% material stability
  • Higher production reliability
  • Higher productivity with its improved shoulder geometry
  • Broadest range including special grades and special types

We plan to introduce CITO PROplus in the following stages: PROplus RS, CC and CS are available with immediate effect (please place your orders early as we are anticipating a high demand).
Types RY and CMR will follow on directly after that and thereafter IK, SG and RYU.

Step up to the next level of creasing systems and place your first order today for the CITO PROplus creasing matrix with Sabine Wirth!

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