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CITO welcomes its South African agency, Printech Engineering, for training

Michael Ashley Petersen and Ryan Phillip de Vries Michael from the long-standing South African exclusive agency Printech Engineering were the guests of CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH and the branch office of Bieling & Petsche Stanzformen GmbH in Elixhausen from 6 to 12 November 2017. The reason for this visit was intense training on CITO products, above all in the field of creasing and cutting dies.

The program began with a visit to CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH. The products and technologies were explained and demonstrated in both theory and practice in the DFG CENTER, CITO's fully equipped technology centre. The guests were also impressed by the guided tour of the company, during which they were able to get to know the production as well as research & development departments. After their visit at CITO‑SYSTEM GmbH, the CITO product managers accompanied the visitors to Bieling & Petsche Stanzformen GmbH in Austria, where they visited the branch office in Elixhausen. Intense product training and a guided tour of the company also took place here.

Of course, there was also plenty of opportunity to share experiences with European colleagues from diecutting form making. Back in Schwaig, the CITO employees brought the visit to a close at the weekend together with the guests. Apart from an interesting guided tour of the historic city of Nuremberg, Ryan Phillip de Vries and Michael Ashley Petersen were also able to enjoy some Franconian specialities during the meals together. The visit was very informative, exciting and profitable for all concerned. There was a lively exchange of experience on not only a professional but also cultural level.

The CITO network covers all five continents. This means that training and close cooperation with our distribution partners is very important to us to ensure that we can offer users around the globe products and solutions from the CITO world at all times. Each of our agencies is the key to this success.

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Photo: left to right Roberto Croci (Product Manager), Marco Löb (Application Engineer), Ryan Phillip de Vries (Printech Engineering), Michael Ashley Petersen (Printech Engineering) and Michael Schuster (Key Account Manager)