Products and solutions for uniform pressure distribution

An efficient and precise diecutting process demands a uniform pressure distribution over the entire surface of the cutting tool. CITO has just the products to enable you to do this.

Zonal Patching Paper is used to create the mask for zonal makeready. By fixing it onto the makeready sheet at the areas where cutting imbalances occur, a blank of uniform quality is achieved. This means you do not have to increase the cutting pressure. The product is available on a roll, which makes it easier to handle. CITO TAPE is ideal for fine makeready.

Our tip for even more advanced and economic pressure compensation of the cutting die: CITO BALANCE PROFILE. Using this profile prior to makeready with Zonal Patching Paper and CITO TAPE allows you to compensate for possible imbalances; this substantially reduces the effort involved in makeready.

The benefits:

  • Reduced time and resources for zonal and fine makeready
  • Longer tool life
  • Improved cutting quality