Ralegh, DS Smith Group – A partner for success. 8. June 2016

Ralegh Integrated, part of the DS Smith group, will promote the benefits of CITO BoxLine products as part of its’ ongoing commitment to improve die cutting productivity within the organisation.

Raleghs’ Managing Director, Pete White, explained that following the successful introduction of a Group standard specification on tooling during 2015, the focus has now moved on to ensuring that the tools deliver the best performance on press.

CITO creasing matrix system needed no introduction as the best performing DS Smith plants are already using the system – the result of previous development work in conjunction with Ralegh at the Belper site in Derbyshire. The products feature excellent longevity, high quality chamfering, dedicated locaters per matrix size and have no tendency to delaminate. With average machine cost per hour increasing, the plants cannot afford any unnecessary downtime.

CITO´s 40+ Rockwell 1mm cutting plates were trialled at the DS Smith Northfield site in Louth and delivered excellent results versus the product currently used. The plates achieved a combined total of 4 million impressions, a life span of more than 3 times the competitor product and a considerable overall cost saving.

CITO makeready paper, hardened patch up tape and creasing matrix were also used during the trial and the plant reported a number of additional benefits to include quicker set up time, reduction of dust and angel hair, less down time and improved creasing quality. SRP and RRP applications, which often require heavier cutting pressure, also performed well which was linked to the exceptional hardness and flatness tolerance of the plates.

The focus will now turn to Raleghs’ technical sales team to support the project and continuous improvement at plant level.  As a “partner for success” CITO will of course will be ready to offer any further support that the group require.