NEW in the range: CITO D/5 Top EasyFix VIOLET

Easy handling and clean cut edges – a top result

The CITO D/5 Top colour coded solid rubber profile is used on the cutting and creasing rule and is characterised by a larger contact area for optimal fixing of the cutting sheet. Dents in the material can be reduced significantly compared to conventional C-profiles. The profile enables clean and exact folding of the material to be cut and prevents the upper cover liner from breaking.

Particular advantage of using the ejection profile: Self-adhesion with CITO EasyFix technology. This means that the rubber lining can be easily removed from the die, residue-free. Thanks to CITO EasyFix, adhesive does not stick on the rules and ejection materials, which would impair the results. The rules in the tool can set and there is no need for additional gluing work. CITO EasyFix technology – super glue free laser cut!

CITO D/5 Top