Riding on the wave of success with CITO solid rubber profiles

Riding on the wave of success

NEW! CITO D/5 Top for corrugated board

The range of CITO solid rubber profiles has been extended to include CITO D/5 Top.

CITO D/5 Top stands out due to a larger contact area for optimum fixing of the cutting sheet. The result:

  • Minimization of the tensile forces at the cut
  • No damage to the colour at the cut edge
  • Perfect cut

Benefit from simple optical quality control through colour coding, self-adhesive EasyFix technology and certification for food packaging.

CITO solid rubber profiles – your solution for perfect processing of corrugated board.

Use our other ejection material for corrugated board, such as CITO D/5, CITO C/3 or CITO B/2 on your cutting die.

CITO D/5 Top

D/5 Top certified for food packaging