Save machine time and gain quality – with CITO ULTIMATE!

Do you process creasing jobs? Then opt for CITO ULTIMATE. The creasing system optimises your work processes, increases machine performance and produces excellent quality.

The creasing channel has flexible inside edges. This has many positive effects: reduced material cracking, extended tool life and a constantly high creasing quality. In addition, the back-springing shoulders of the creasing matrix ensure a uniform cutting process with each stroke. Thanks to the flexible coating, fluctuations in material quality are compensated for. And last but not least: Setting up at the machine is significantly faster.


Use the CITO CREASY measuring device to monitor creasing characteristics. The width, height and symmetry of the creasing and the two folding edges are recorded and analysed graphically. A consistently high creasing quality plays a decisive role, especially in the further processing. The material converted with CITO ULTIMATE can be postprocessed essentially fault-free; at the same time, efforts and costs are reduced.

CITO CREASY Rillmessgerät

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