CITO Abacus Web App now also for the Chinese market

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CITO Abacus Web App, the online tool for selecting the optimum creasing system for all jobs and requirements.

The very latest version of the popular CITO Abacus Web App has now been created in Chinese. The individual circumstances of the market were also taken into consideration.

CITO Web App

Premium creasing matrix and the CITO Abacus: the outstanding combination for higher efficiency, better results and more success! CITO sees itself as a provider of complete solutions. This means that you have not only the largest choice of first-class creasing matrices but can also count on reliable and excellent service when using the creasing systems. Our regional sales manager, Bobo Chang, actively assists our team with customer support on the Asia-Pacific market.

With the CITO Abacus you can calculate the suitable creasing system online, easily and quickly in only two steps:

  1. Select cardboard or corrugated board
  2. Enter material thickness

You can also use our Abacus Web App to calculate the correct creasing system size. The online tool is available in many other languages. As an app on the smartphone or on the PC.