CITO sponsors FC Röthenbach young footballers 22. February 2013

CITO sponsors FC Röthenbach young footballers

A storm of excitement swept through the group of young FC Röthenbach footballers as they were presented with their new rain jackets spoting the black-and-yellow CITO logo. Sponsoring these jackets is just one of a variety of projects in which CITO is committed to supporting sports-mad children and young people in the region.

As well as sponsoring children’s and youth sports, CITO contributes to social schemes and to the funding of projects and facilities for disadvantaged children. Managing Director and owner Jürgen Marien emphasises: “CITO views the sponsorship of children, youth and families as an important issue. Tomorrow’s generation forms the building blocks for the future of our economy and our society. That’s why we want to make a social contribution in our local area.”

By all accounts, the up-and-coming footballers were highly delighted with their rain jackets and CITO wishes them the best of luck in their forthcoming games and tournaments.